The Art of Political Decision Making

>>feature “Get those voices at the table!”: Interview with Deborah Stone

By Mark van Ostaijen & Shivant Jhagroe
from the March, 2015 issue of policy sciences

Deborah Stone’s work on political reasoning, storytelling and metaphors has been a longstanding contribution to the development of public administration, political and policy sciences. In her book Policy Paradox and Political Reason published in 1988, she focuses on policy and politics as cultural bargaining over values and ideas, instead of a rational process of decision-making. In addition to this book, which was retitled Policy Paradox, The Art of Political Decision Making in later editions, she has published widely on societal paradoxes, political reasoning and professional dilemmas in many aspects of social policy.

Due to this key contribution and the longstanding relevance of her book, we talked with Deborah Stone in Vienna on 5 July 2013. We had a dialogue about this book, her theoretical ideas and how policy sciences could improve in the future. Continue Reading…



“Nothing I do in my daily life is clean. Everything is either gray or colorful, depending on how you want to look at it. This book helps me understand my world.”

Bohdan J. Zaryckyj, M.Ed.
Director of Student Conduct
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
UMASS Lowell


To learn more about deborah stone’s work beyond policy paradox, visit her website