“The most accessible policy text available.”

W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

“This is a foundational book for the social sciences. I highly recommend it to everyone who will be doing any kind of research.” book reviewer

 “This is now the third time I have used your book for my Public Policy class. Again I want to thank you for this text.  This year the class received training in lobbying from a non-partisan group (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth) and spent two days in Frankfort meeting legislators while representing a bill supporting the development of alternate energy. Surprisingly, the bill didn’t make it out of committee thanks to coal interests, but the connections students were able to make with the lessons and examples from your text were spot on!

As a former public administrator and elected official, and as an Associate Professor and civic activist, I find your writing to be relevant and remarkable.”

John T. Spence, PhD, AICP
Associate Professor, Political Science
Thomas More College

“Nothing I do in my daily life is clean. Everything is either gray or colorful, depending on how you want to look at it.  This book helps me understand my world.”

Bohdan J. Zaryckyj, M.Ed.
Director of Student Conduct
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
UMASS Lowell

“Stone’s work is incredibly valuable with students as it prompts them to consider how their assumptions inform their own approach as opposed to providing them with prescriptive answers.  Her approach is more complex, nuanced and aligned with my decade of experience leading a state agency.  While some of her examples may, for the astute reader, indicate her personal politics, it is evident that she succeeds in her primary objective to illuminate sociological elements that bring policy issues to life for human beings”

Kathryn Dodge
Executive Director
New Hampshire Higher Education Commission

 “I taught a course last fall on the policy process and used Policy Paradox. One of my students in that course is the finance director for a small town in the mountains, Central City. She told me that she wants to get her city council to read Policy Paradox!”

Frank N. Laird, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
University of Denver.

“Just a quick note to say I really am enjoying reading “Policy Paradox” for a Masters course I am taking. I find it informative and very easy to understand with the many examples you give. This is probably the first text in the Masters course (in Public Administration) that I have enjoyed so far! Thanks for a good read.”

Laura Reddy
Office Manager
Consul General U.S. Consulate General, Johannesburg

“Today we had the commencement for the Luskin School of Public Affairs, preceded last night by our Department of Public Policy’s MPP Graduation Awards Ceremony. As you know, I teach the required course on American Political Institutions and Processes in the MPP core curriculum, and as I have mentioned before, Policy Paradox is the first book the students read in the course. At last night’s award ceremony you and your book were evoked three times. The two most significant were two student speeches at the end of the awards ceremony. The wonderful fellow who won the MPP Student of the Year Award and my TA for the American political institutions course used it as the “sacred book” to refer to when seeking answers to what would come next following graduation. He was having a bit of fun, but then returned to the “sacred book” as part of his serious closing, expressing gratitude for the community and family he had joined by coming into the program, and closed with this from p. 385:

“Equity, efficiency, welfare, liberty, security, democracy, and justice are aspirations for a community into which people read contradictory interpretations. But while the interpretations divide people, the aspirations unite us. The work of imagining what a common goal means and bringing others to one’s own view joins people to common cause.”

Mark Peterson
Chair, Department of Public Policy and Professor of Political Science and Law
UCLA School of Public Policy

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